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Mountain and river Mysteries

Mountain and river Mysteries

Mountain and river Mysteries

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    Mountain and river Mysteries
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    Jiusi immortal
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    Canela books
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2022-05-21 06:35:38
The so-called "Tao and Dharma are myriad, and thunder and Dharma are the first" however, the practitioners of thunder Dharma in the whole world cannot exceed the constraints of the four realms of thunder Dharma, "borrowing Dharma, hiding form, quenching knowledge and controlling God" among the four realms, you can be called a real person when you first reach the "follow your heart through Dharma", and then reach the "perfection of Tibetan form", which is a semi immortal with wind and thunder in your mouth and following Dharma. Unfortunately, since the millennium, except for the 42nd generation of Heavenly Master Zhang Yuchu, who was the successor of Zhengyi in the Hongwu Period and known as the master of Taoism, who was able to successfully leave the country to "quench knowledge by divine punishment", no one in the Taoism can see the "quench knowledge" of the realm, let alone the mysterious "divine control" realm in a remote mountain village, Wang Dayun, who had just been born, was brought back to the door by a Taoist expert who lived in seclusion because he was affected by a strange ghost robbery. However, all things depend on heaven and fortune. Although Wang Dayun was blessed by heaven, he was unable to open his mind and practice.

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