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Talented girl Commander

Talented girl Commander

Talented girl Commander

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    Talented girl Commander
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    This life is from the bed
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    Long Novel
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2022-07-02 09:16:26
"After many epochs, mankind has opened the era of great navigation."< Br> "nowadays, the vaster sea of stars is waving to us. Only by making continuous progress can we live up to the ardent expectations of our predecessors and strive for the future for future generations."< Br> under the background of the times when all the people are exploring the sea of stars, a young girl from a different world will be involved in this vast and magnificent epic event< Br> the huge battleships roared with artillery on the sea, and countless VTOL fighters soared from hundreds of aircraft carriers< Br> several meters long electromagnetic shells fly out of the space station, and the space battleships with the length of kilometers are bombarded with various star annihilating weapons in space< Br> this is the Federal Military Academy. Now you can enjoy the benefits of free housing on your home star. What are you waiting for? Enter the book to find your favorite way to fight!

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