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The first villain of the Tang Dynasty

The first villain of the Tang Dynasty

The first villain of the Tang Dynasty

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    The first villain of the Tang Dynasty
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    Beauty Read
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Inform your majesty that the sixth prince made a big fuss about the Princess Wedding and seriously injured his royal highness and son-in-law! Still refuse to admit your mistake Li Shimin: "villain, if you don't admit your mistake again, I will expel you from the royal family! Demote you to the common people!" Li Ying: "what nonsense prince! I don't want it!" ... half a year later Li Shimin: did Li Ying admit his mistake Your Majesty, the sixth Prince refuses to admit his mistake and is now better than you. His Liulichang earns millions a month. Comparable to the tax revenue of Chang'an for half a year Li Shimin panicked: This... Your Majesty, the group company of the sixth Prince has provided tens of millions of jobs and made tens of millions of families well-off. The monthly income is 100 million! Rich country Li Shimin is in a hurry: call my son back to the palace. I'll apologize to him it's late! The sixth Prince and his ocean fleet have set out for Japan and said to capture the Japanese emperor alive Li Shimin was stunned: no! Get him back! no I personally begged him to come back!

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